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Social Trading

Social trading gives those with limited financial knowledge an insight into the stock exchange by allowing a real time analysis of individual trader performance. Seen as one of the most significant shifts in trading, social trading has the potential to open up opportunities for those interested in stock markets.

Technological advances in renewable energy

Spanish energy giant Iberdrola has been making great leaps when it comes to technological advances in renewable energy – in order to fuel the world in a more sustainable manner.

Basel III

Basel III is a set of precautionary measures imposed on banks and are made to protect the economy from financial crises similar to that of recent years. Principally they aim to ensure banks accept a level of responsibility for the financial economy they operate within and to act as a safeguard against further collapse

Banking in Malta

The framework for banking in Malta has long been considered the model for other countries to recreate. Renowned transparency through a highly regarded regulatory framework, Malta is the home of some of the best banks in the world. There are many banking groups in Malta well known for their diversity and competitive edge.

Banking in Mexico

Under the vigilant eye of Bank of Mexico governor, Agustin Carstens, the nation’s banks boast sky-high Tier 1 capital ratios compared with most countries and will meet the latest Basle standards for integrity and robustness with relative ease.

What is antitrust?

Antitrust laws are essentially a series of highly interpretable and ever-changing guidelines meant to encourage stable competition between businesses; in essence they are laws to protect against anti-competitive monopolists and conspiracies.

Civil litigation in Peru

Civil Litigation refers to the procedure for resolving private and public disputes between two or more parties entangled in legal quarrels relating to civil matters.

What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing has become more and more important to companies aiming to comply across national jurisdictions, making the most of their assets and departmental utilities. As such, it can be important to bring in specialists.

What is ERISA litigation?

In simple terms, ERISA is the federal law within the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 which established legal guidelines for private pension plan administration and investment practices. The Act sets minimum standards for areas relating to welfare, such as disability and life insurance, as well as apprenticeship schemes, retirement and health plans.

German corporate tax advisory

Corporate tax is based on a series of complex and ever-changing issues applicable to a wide and varied array of companies. Corporate tax often requires a specialist to best interpret its meaning and applicability.

Investment in Angola

Although ever-fluctuating oil prices have had repercussions in Angola’s potential, it has rapidly evolved along with ever-changing macroeconomic conditions to better improve its economic standing and to create a stable banking system.

Development in Angola

Although ever-fluctuating oil prices have had repercussions in Angola’s potential, it has rapidly evolved along with ever-changing macroeconomic conditions to better improve its economic standing and to create a stable banking system.

Development in Sri Lanka

Following a civil war in 2009 and a per capita income of below $2000 in 2008, Sri Lanka has since been taking major steps to create new investment opportunities and maintain a stable banking system to further aid its economy.

Aabar investments

While Dubai’s recent debt issues have induced a heightened sense of wariness when considering the UAE’s financial stability it is in fact home to a thriving financial system, as well as to diverse investment opportunities. Private joint stock company Aabar Investments PJS is one such opportunity registered and based in Abu Dhabi.

Banking in Africa

Nigeria has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, this along with promising projections for the near future go some way in establishing the nation and its thriving banking industry.

Invest in Paraguay

Having suffered from a liquidity crisis in 1995, Paraguay is going to great lengths to ensure it’s seen as an ample investment opportunity. A host of financial reforms as well as thriving economic circumstances are just part of Paraguay’s attempt to demonstrate huge potential for growth and investment.

Absolute return

Absolute Return Funds – commonly known as hedge funds – aim to ensure an investor receives a maximised absolute return on their money regardless of how the market is performing. By utilising a series of strategies to best reduce risk and to capitalise on returns an ARF offers an attractive proposition to those willing to invest.

Investment in Qatar

Heavily invested in the advancement of public works and infrastructure, Qatar is a country defined by forward thinking, fast paced development. This is no less the case with its banking industry as it offers a modernised, customer focused approach to banking as well as sound advice on investment.

Advantages of solar power

Diversification in energy sources is one of the most important elements of energy policy in the world today. One of the most important advantages of solar power is that it lowers the dependency on oil, gas and nuclear fuels of countries that do not have those resources available to them.

Corporate governance in Portugal

An exceptional example of good corporate governance in Portugal, Inapa has matured into a successful pan-European company, a leading paper merchant with expansionary plans.

AMI solution provider

The use of smart meters – normally employed within a system known as an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) – is pioneering a new approach to energy provision and consumption.

PPPs in Mexico

Vital elements of infrastructure are improving exponentially, as government body Fonadin encourages more and more PPPs in Mexico.

Invest in Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the world’s smallest sovereign states, but both culturally and geographically it's a gateway to the Middle East. Here's our guide to Lebanon's investment potential.

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