Argentina will be South America’s next star market

As global interest in the country increases, Argentina is beginning to meet its potential as one of South America’s most competitive markets

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This is an interesting time in Argentina’s history. Against a complex global backdrop, with low interest rates and stagnant economies, the country sounds attractive for investors, offering excellent investment opportunities. We now have a government that is in talks with investors across the world, attempting to entice them and ensure them of the necessary conditions required for these capital inflows to promote growth.

Among the main beneficiaries of this transformation is the financial services sector, where a long and arduous history of limited market access and low growth has prompted many of its constituents to raise their games.

It is important to notice the influence the country is having on the rest of the continent. We are the second biggest economy in Latin America and in the past used to be one of the main markets in the region for investors worldwide. What we are seeing at the moment is huge interest from both international and local investors for Argentine sovereign, sub-sovereign and corporate debt. As a result, we are now starting to see a large number of issuances, and even some equity capital markets, coming to the table. This is why we think Argentina is tipped to be the star among emerging markets in the next three years.


Puente’s assets under management, 2015


The group’s trading volume

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The potential Argentina has is colossal, but work must still be done. We are very much behind in infrastructure, and we are also very behind in capital markets. If you compare Argentina’s capital markets to those of Brazil, we are very tiny in size: about one-tenth or one-fifteenth of theirs, when we should be trading at least 80 percent of what they are trading. Yet taking account of how much trading there is today in local markets, we have huge potential to grow. Regarding the potential of Latin America in general, we are seeing something similar in Uruguay and Paraguay, where Puente also operates.

In order to promote this expansion of our country, – a company with more than 100 years’ experience in the local market – is able to offer a large range of solutions for our customers and clients. We also have a professional staff force that is able to ensure the best possible opportunities and investments that are currently booming in our country.

Something we understand clearly is that to succeed in this market – specifically in capital markets – you have to earn the trust of the client. That is essential, and you do this by being transparent, professional and acting with respect, as well as encompassing other values that are part of our strategic goals.

We pride ourselves on being a highly adept investment solutions provider to over 35,000 customers around the globe, with a client base that ranges from individuals to corporations, as well as institutions and government bodies. We are well prepared for the opportunities that have now opened up due to the new era our country is entering.

Continued growth for Puente
Over the decades, Puente has continued to grow, adding to its portfolio of products and services, while also expanding its network. Its success in this regard can be seen by the figures we achieve: in 2015, the group’s assets under management reached over $2.5m, while our trading volume exceeded $25m. The company also structured and distributed more than $1.2m in corporate and government debt last year.

My main goal as the chairman of this company is to continue with the growth process Puente has been carrying out in the southern cone, where we are the leader of the capital markets of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Here we also deploy a professional management system that contributes to the development of innovate technology for the financial community. As such, we continue to attract the best human resources to join our solid team, which today is focused on providing solutions for our clients and welcoming new international investors.